Our Way

Like many, Bella Ridge Estate embraces the motto – great wines begin in the vineyard! The initial attraction to the property for Alon and Jodi was the vineyard itself: its orientation and excellent soil, the great mix of varieties and; in particular, the old vines.

Since purchasing the property, warm climate varieties – Viognier, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Tempranillo – have been grafted to complement the vineyard’s more traditional mix of varieties  – Shiraz, Chenin Blanc and Semillon – which were planted by the original property owners in the 1960s.

The old vines, planted in the 1960s are almost entirely non-irrigated and crop levels are kept very low. Coupled with the vineyard’s aspect on the foot hills of Western Australia’s Darling Range and the excellent gravely loam soil, the result is grapes of excellent quality with highly concentrated fruit flavours.

The fruit selection in the vineyard is very ‘hands-on’ and highly selective. Most of our wines are produced from several parcels of fruit hand-picked from different areas of the vineyard and at varying levels of ripeness to produce our complex and interesting wines.

At Bella Ridge Estate we hand-pick our fruit, crush and process our grapes and bottle on-site at our in-house winery. We crush approximately 35 tonne, producing around 3000 cases of wine per year.  

Focussing on warm climate varieties and styles that are well suited to our region, we produce a niche range of wines that are flavoursome, complex and distinctive. Our wines are proudly non- commercial in style and we therefore do not enter our wines into show judging. The approach is to produce interesting and unique styles and blends that are textural, complex and flavoursome, with many dimensions and layers and lots of character. Bella Ridge Estate wines particularly lend themselves to food which is why you can find them served at many of Australia’s top-end restaurants.

Although we predominantly use our own grapes to produce our wines we do select small parcels of fruit from other local growers to supplement our range.